Stay Tuned... We Shall Return

I, Toadpipe, am pretty sure there have been many people in the past who would have rathered General MacArthur not return.

Hopefully you are on pins and needles waiting for us to return though. We're just...busy...currently. There are lots of souls in this world that we must reach, and this blog is a bit limiting. So Screwtape and I have split ways monthtarily (for the month) to divide and conquer.

We will have plenty of tales, treasures, and tricksy pics for you upon our reunion. Just you wait.

We shall return. Probably just as controversially as MacArthur. But, MacArthur and his son Arthur (haha, Arthur MacArthur IV - are you kidding me?) did both win the Medal of Honor. They are the only father-son duet to receive this honor until Teddy Roosevelt and his son were (posthumously) award the same medal. Huh.

So long.


Remember, remember the 5th of November!

This post will have nothing to do with Guy Fawkes Day or V for Vendetta. You should remember it anyway.

We would just like to inform you that as of chapel, on the 4th of November, we have become so disappointed that some drastic measures may need to be taken. We were forced to throw away a perfectly good tree carcass because it had been soiled with the meager pilferings of the day. Not so much a waste of paper as a waste of brain space and 30 minutes. (And Toadpipe was sleeping right before - Toadpipe does NOT like to waste sleep time!)

The country of Tanzania weeps at the poor representation of its children. Don't these people know Skype connections suck in third world countries? They suck in Italy too. And church.

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE Skype. But there are times and places for everything (c'mon, see Ecclesiastes something - you know it.), and church/chapel/whatever is not really a good place or time for Skype. If you need a direct connection between heaven and hell though, Skype has the best connection ever! And it's free! No souls required! It's almost like prayer... No wait... It's better! You can talk and SEE God; video with Jesus is grand!

How can they - the puny "worshipful" human masses - ever expect to undo us with such horrific quality as this? They can't.

We rule.

Screwtape and Toadpipe

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